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  • Founders / Management
    Your best source for capital and growth
    • Comprehensive profiles of VC/PE Funds and HNIs
    • ANY Transaction & ANY Size
    • Track your competition real time
    • Identify and Track Strategic Targets
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds
    The most powerful Research & Sourcing Platform
    • Comprehensive, "Teaser" profiles of all private companies
    • Powerful Analytics
    • Track your portfolios and their sectors real time
    • Identify bolt-ons for your portfolio
  • HNIs and Family Offices
    The Only Platform to access Growth Investments
    • Investment grade profiles
    • Powerful Analytics
    • Invest in top private companies and/or VC & PE funds
    • Be a part of exciting syndicates to invest in early ideas

Comprehensive Research

Experience the power of instant & comprehensive research on PrivateCircle

Find "teaser" format, LIVE, real-time updated information dockets, that enable you to track every company and investor

Create your own Industry / Custom Aggregate reports to compare companies with their peers

Your Analyst / Strategy team no longer needs to spend time in collecting data, profiling or even comparables. It's all here - a click away!

Immediate Access

Reaching out to counterparties has never been easier!

Companies : Access Funds / HNIs for ANY transaction (primary, secondary, debt), ANY Size

Funds : Access promoters / management teams OR Family offices / HNIs for your fund-raisers

One Click! and your interest will reach the right counterparties


Our Powerful Collaboration features like Schedule Meetings, Direct Messaging, Controlled Document Sharing enable you to truly & meaningfully engage with potential counterparties

You can also engage with your current shareholders / portfolio companies as well as your internal teams!

How it Works ?

Most likely, we already have your profile in our system! Please register with us to view your profile

We will verify with you to establish authenticity and provide you with your login

On logging in, you will find your current shareholders and portfolios immediately available with the full suite of engagement features

Comprehensive Profiles on every company & investor in India form the basis for you to Research, Access & Engage!

Incorporated Companies

Get 1,000 companies with highest paidup capital in India, for any interval.

About Us

PrivateCircle is a SaaS based network platform bringing high quality companies looking for growth capital, VC / PE funds and High Networth Individuals

Our proprietary technology enables us to create investment-grade profilers of every company in India. Our data and technology enable our clients to truly find, connect and engage meaningfully with their desired counterparties & stakeholders - All on a single platform!

Our motto is to bring the power of data and network at your fingertips. We hope this will bring in serious savings and efficiencies to your research, bandwidth, travel, and of course transaction costs!
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